• goatcheeseSalad goatcheeseSalad
    130 DHS

    Goat cheese with figs

    Fresh goat cheese with marinated dried figs, Arugula and greens in balsamic vinaigrette

  • burrataSalad burrataSalad
    140 DHS

    Burrata salad

    Burrata cheese, basil pesto, tomatoes and fresh herbs

  • salad_tropicana salad_tropicana
    145 DHS

    Prawn salad Tropicana

    Prawns with fresh papaya, avocado slices and greens with Argan oil curry dressing

  • smoked_salmon smoked_salmon
    145 DHS

    Smoked salmon salad

    Smoked salmon with chive cream cheese, onions and greens in sweet mustard dressing

  • champagneOysters champagneOysters
    185 DHS

    Champagne Oysters

    Gratinated Oysters in rich Champagne creamy sabayon and parmesan cheese