• stroganoff stroganoff
    190 DHS

    Crown of Stroganoff

    Savor tender beef and mushrooms in a lush Tarragon cream sauce, nestled within a smooth mashed potato ring.

  • surfTurf surfTurf
    235 DHS

    Beef steak Surf & Turf

    Grilled Beef medallion and jumbo shrimps Surf & Turf, white creamy thyme sauce and green beans.

  • NYsteak NYsteak
    225 DHS

    New York strip grilled steak

    Beef steak cut from the tender short loin, grilled served medium with creamed spinach and sauteed mushrooms.

  • linguiniSeafood linguiniSeafood
    190 DHS

    Seafood Linguini

    Linguini with mussels, prawns in marinière sauce with garlic, challots, fresh sparkled parsley

  • ribeye ribeye
    490 DHS

    Char-Grilled Ribeye

    Mouthwatering bone-in ribeye, crowned with flavorful herb butter, partnered with luscious roasted tomatoes, new potatoes, and a medley of sauces.”

  • GrilledSeaBass GrilledSeaBass
    215 DHS

    Grilled Sea Bass with curry sauce

    Sea Bass fillets grilled with Basmati and black rice and creamy curry sauce