• lavacake lavacake
    80 DHS

    Lava cake

    Chocolate lava cake made to order served hot from the oven with refreshing orange sorbet

  • cheesecake cheesecake
    70 DHS

    Rick’s Cheesecake

    A beloved classic from Rick’s Café, unchanged since day one, offering an exquisite, enduring taste of dessert perfection

  • appletart appletart
    70 DHS

    Tarte Fine aux Pommes

    Warm, delicate French apple tart, served with a sumptuous scoop of rich vanilla ice cream

  • pineapple pineapple
    80 DHS

    Pineapple delicacy

    Caramelized grilled pineapple, rich vanilla drizzle, accompanied by creamy coconut parfait.

  • raspberrytart raspberrytart
    80 DHS

    Fresh Raspberry Tart

    Fresh Raspberry in a delicious soft cookie crumb crust