Savor our first course offerings as you embark on a delightful culinary journey, featuring a selection of tantalizing starters expertly crafted to set the stage for the meal ahead

  • goatcheeseSalad goatcheeseSalad
    130 DHS

    Goat cheese with figs

    Fresh goat cheese with marinated dried figs, Arugula and greens in balsamic vinaigrette

  • burrataSalad burrataSalad
    140 DHS

    Burrata salad

    Burrata cheese, basil pesto, tomatoes and fresh herbs

  • salad_tropicana salad_tropicana
    145 DHS

    Prawn salad Tropicana

    Prawns with fresh papaya, avocado slices and greens with Argan oil curry dressing

  • smoked_salmon smoked_salmon
    145 DHS

    Smoked salmon salad

    Smoked salmon with chive cream cheese, onions and greens in sweet mustard dressing

  • champagneOysters champagneOysters
    185 DHS

    Champagne Oysters

    Gratinated Oysters in rich Champagne creamy sabayon and parmesan cheese


Discover our Main Courses. Each entrée highlights our dedication to creating an unforgettable dining experience that delights your taste buds.

  • stroganoff stroganoff
    190 DHS

    Crown of Stroganoff

    Savor tender beef and mushrooms in a lush Tarragon cream sauce, nestled within a smooth mashed potato ring.

  • surfTurf surfTurf
    235 DHS

    Beef steak Surf & Turf

    Grilled Beef medallion and jumbo shrimps Surf & Turf, white creamy thyme sauce and green beans.

  • NYsteak NYsteak
    225 DHS

    New York strip grilled steak

    Beef steak cut from the tender short loin, grilled served medium with creamed spinach and sauteed mushrooms.

  • linguiniSeafood linguiniSeafood
    190 DHS

    Seafood Linguini

    Linguini with mussels, prawns in marinière sauce with garlic, challots, fresh sparkled parsley

  • ribeye ribeye
    490 DHS

    Char-Grilled Ribeye

    Mouthwatering bone-in ribeye, crowned with flavorful herb butter, partnered with luscious roasted tomatoes, new potatoes, and a medley of sauces.”

  • GrilledSeaBass GrilledSeaBass
    215 DHS

    Grilled Sea Bass with curry sauce

    Sea Bass fillets grilled with Basmati and black rice and creamy curry sauce


Indulge in the sweet symphony of our Dessert section, for the perfect finale to your dining experience.

  • lavacake lavacake
    80 DHS

    Lava cake

    Chocolate lava cake made to order served hot from the oven with refreshing orange sorbet

  • cheesecake cheesecake
    70 DHS

    Rick’s Cheesecake

    A beloved classic from Rick’s Café, unchanged since day one, offering an exquisite, enduring taste of dessert perfection

  • appletart appletart
    70 DHS

    Tarte Fine aux Pommes

    Warm, delicate French apple tart, served with a sumptuous scoop of rich vanilla ice cream

  • pineapple pineapple
    80 DHS

    Pineapple delicacy

    Caramelized grilled pineapple, rich vanilla drizzle, accompanied by creamy coconut parfait.

  • raspberrytart raspberrytart
    80 DHS

    Fresh Raspberry Tart

    Fresh Raspberry in a delicious soft cookie crumb crust