Rick's in the papers

mardi 24 juin 2014, 16:19

CNN's coverage and the subsequent Associated Press article generated some wonderful publicity. More than one paper headlined the story with "Play It Again Issam," accompanied by a picture of Issam playing the piano...at least we think it was him.The photo was taken to highlight the keyboard and the decor and consequently Issam's right ear has become famous.

...We've had television crews from Hong Kong, Slovenia and Spain and radio interviews from BBC, Tokyo, Toronto, and Marbella. A Croatian businessman came to Rick's with the AP article translated into Croation from the Zagreb paper and I've had people send me the article from throughout the U.S. My hometown newspaper, The Oregonian, conducted an interview over the telephone and the resulting column went into further detail on how I ended up here. We joke about the day when people will watch the film Casablanca and say, "Wow that reminds us of Kathy Kriger and her bar in Casablanca."


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