Piano Voyager

Thursday, February 11 2016, 00:00:00

Rick's Café is going to stream this performance live on this page.

All of us have certainly heard of how music has the ability to transport the soul, making you travel instantly to places you never even been before. Well, what if we put this theory to the test and see how far it is true. That's the idea behind Piano Voyager.

Excellent pianist Ciprina Oloi is known to have accompanied aclaimed Opera soloists around the world. Master accompanist at the State Opera in Romania , he is also soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Orchestra of Moldova, the country where he received his training before continuing in the United States. This time, Ciprian is planning to take the audience of Rick's Café on a little tour around the world through a selection of musical landmarks of sort. For those interested in taking the tour, it's the 19 of february 2016, boarding is at 9 PM. Bon Voyage!