Gearing up for Ramadan 2015

Tuesday, June 16 2015, 00:00:00

Anyone who's ever lived in Morocco for at least a year knows that the vast majority of the Moroccans are Muslims and therefore they're fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. At sunset everyone gathers around the table to have the first meal of the day : the Ftour. While the Ftour is traditionnaly a family meal shared in the intimate comfort of home, the modern life trend lately, especially in big cities, is to go out for Ftour at restaurants. In Casablanca, most offer buffets with an array of hot and cold dishes and they're becoming very popular. At Rick's, however, the buffet style was discarded and customers will be spared having to walk around a buffet. The restaurant offers a good table service Ftour and one could just sit back while everything is brought right to the table. In addition to the traditionnal food options the Ftour package includes a serie of ten icecream desserts that will be served throughout the rest of the evening. Even if you're not fasting, the Ftour is a great opportunity to discover and taste some of the very typical and popular items of modern Moroccan cuisine.