Rick's Life

Ten years

It's been 10 years since Rick's Café premiered in Casablanca in march 2004. The years pass by and the legend continues...


Gumball 3000 Rally: What a day !

Rick's Cafe was the checkpoint for the 6th annual "Gumball 3000" international car rally, Friday May 7. The rally began in Paris on May 5, with an itinerary that included stops in Madrid, Marbella, Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes(...)


Rick's is "Must See TV "

Rick's has been a hit the world over with TV crews, and for a variety of reasons. First, of course, is the irony that after more than 60 years it really does exist - the newsworthiness brings the crews here. Then once they see it, the dramatic, romantic ambience that so very much resemb(...)


Rick's second anniversary

Two years ago Rick's Cafe was still looking a lot like a construction site. The full load of electricity had not yet been turned on, preventing use of the heating system. The skydome had to be re-done and the space was covered in plastic. There was dust all over from the treatment of th(...)


CNN Crew at Rick's !

CNN correspondent Al Goodman and Scotty, CNN cameraman, visited Rick's Cafe for filming on April 29. Their coverage included an interview with "Madame Rick" - Kathy Kriger - and scenes of the restaurant's ambience, interviews with customers, music from Issam on(...)


Happy new year 2007 !

At some point during Ramadan a comment was made that the Aid al Kabir, the sheep feast/sacrifice was likely to fall on the day of New Year's Eve. Of all the Muslim holidays, this is the most important and pervasive. It begins a week or ten days in advance with the opening of sheep marke(...)


Happy Ramadan

When I came to Morocco the annual passage through Ramadan became a difficult time to get work done with staff working shorter hours and fatigued from having spent the night before eating until the wee hours to make up for what they’d missed during the day. It was also a chall(...)


Third Anniversary

Rick’s Café celebrated its third anniversary March 1, and the launch of the “Fourth Season” of good fun, food, drinks and entertainment. We decided to forego the giant, quasi-official cocktail reception of years past, and instead only clients were invite(...)


Gearing up for Ramadan 2015

Anyone who's ever lived in Morocco for at least a year knows that the vast majority of the Moroccans are Muslims and therefore they're fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. At sunset everyone gathers around the table to have the first meal of the day : the Ftour. While the F(...)